Van Lenning Notariaat strives to be your confidant, even in difficult situations. We are happy to be someone who speaks your language and adapts to your wishes and needs, someone whom you can trust and advise you at all important moments in your life. This means that we are also there for you in conflicts or in situations where it is decided that you are no longer able to take care of your own personal and financial matters.

Mediation in conflicts

Van Lenning Notariaat can act as a mediator in conflicts. We are an independent conflict mediator and together with the parties involved we will help you to find a solution. The solution must be acceptable to all parties. Mediation is voluntary but not without obligation.

For more information about Mediation you can contact us. Van Lenning Notariaat is happy to help you further!

What is mediation?

Mediation is nothing more than resolving your conflict under supervision. A major advantage of mediation is that a case is often resolved faster than when it comes to court. That is why it is cheaper in many cases. Ongoing own investigation by the Council at the courts and the Legal Counter shows that, in two-thirds of the cases, mediation was completed within 15 weeks. In more than three-quarters of the cases, both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Whatever the conflict, as long as there is a willingness on both sides to negotiate a solution, mediation has a chance of success. Because you and the other party come up with the solution yourself, the solution often also better meets the wishes of you and the other person. The chance of a lasting agreement and a reasonable understanding is therefore greater after a successful mediation than with a court case.

When is mediation possible?

With mediation you come to a solution together with the other party. It is less about who is legally ‘right’, but about a solution that is acceptable to everyone. As long as there is a willingness on both sides to find a solution, mediation has a chance of success.