With an inheritance and legacy, important matters need to be arranged to properly settle the inheritance. First of all, it is checked whether there is a will of the deceased, the notary can check this in the Central Testament Register. Subsequently, many things need to be arranged, such as handling taxes and mortgages, but also practical matters such as canceling memberships and subscriptions. The notary can give you good advice about your situation in the event of an inheritance and estate.

Heritage and legacy: certificate of inheritance

In the case of inheritance and estate, you often have to deal with a certificate of inheritance. This is an official statement drawn up by the notary who states who the heirs are and whether the inheritance is accepted by the heirs. With a certificate of inheritance, heirs can gain access to the deceased’s accounts or papers can be changed that are in the deceased’s name. A certificate of succession is not mandatory, but it is a risk to decide on the bank account of the deceased without a certificate of succession.

Heritage and legacy: legacy

If you are an heir then you must carefully consider the risks of the inheritance and estate. You must realize that you are not only dealing with the assets of the deceased, but also to possible debts. In the case of inheritance and estate, the heir has three options, namely pure acceptance, beneficial acceptance or rejection. Upon purely accepting the inheritance you will receive the full inheritance with all the advantages and disadvantages. When rejecting the inheritance you do not make any liability on the inheritance. When accepting a beneficiary, you choose a middle way and as an heir you do not have to pay for possible debts.

Heritage and legacy: settlement of an estate

In the case of an inheritance and estate, many things must be arranged. This includes matters such as canceling subscriptions, reporting the death to insurers, checking loans and credits and handling the mortgage. The notary can help you with the inheritance and estate if all heirs agree. Bear in mind that the settlement of an estate usually takes more than a year.

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