Going on together with your loved one is an important decision. Marriage, registered partnership or cohabitation, what suits you best? Get advice from Van Lenning Notariaat. Then you can be sure that agreements made fit you as well as your partner.

Continue together record officially

There are various options for officially recording your choice to continue together. If you live together without being married, then nothing is regulated by law. You can therefore choose to record agreements in a cohabitation contract or registered partnership. Then it is clear at all times which assets and debts of you together and which you personally hold. But also what should happen if one of you dies. Even when you get married, you can arrange this in several ways. Van Lenning Notariaat is happy to help you find out which form suits you best. A marriage in community of property, a limited community or a cold exclusion.

Arrange things well for your children

If your partner and you have children, it is wise to also arrange things properly for them. For example by arranging custody, if something unexpected happens to both of you. If you think that some heirs cannot (yet) bear full responsibility for their inheritance because they are too young, for example, then there is the possibility of registering the reign of inheritance with Van Lenning Notariaat. You can also contact us for donations. For example if you want to favor someone during your life instead of only when you die. Tax saving can also be a reason to want to donate.

Van Lenning Notariaat is also available in bad times

Van Lenning Notariaat is also there for you if you have a stranded marriage or if you break another cohabitation form. For the distribution of real estate and shares in a company, intervention by the notary is required by law. For example, if you want to ‘buy out’ your former partner, then a ‘deed of distribution’ is required.

A will provides certainty

For people who do not have a will, the law regulates how their inheritance is divided. If you want to decide for yourself how your inheritance will be divided, you will make a will. With a will you can also ensure that tax is saved or postponed. But there are many other reasons for a will. Van Lenning Notariaat is happy to inform you about this and can advise you on the will that best suits your wishes.

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