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Notary office, with a feminine listening ear – for large Amsterdam

Are you looking for a notary’s office in the Greater Amsterdam region?
With a feminine listening ear, with social involvement and moreover a “green” office … then you are at the right place at Van Lenning Notariaat in Amstelveen. We believe it is important that your business receives all our care, time and attention. That is why we attach great importance to personal contact with our clients.

Our office consists of candidate civil-law notaries, notary clerks and notarial staff, each with their own specialization in the field of family law, real estate and corporate law. Sylvia M. van Lenning, the only female notary in the region, acts as your all-round house notary: from cohabitation contract to marital conditions; from the purchase of your (first) home to wills; of incorporation of your B.V. to the purchase of investment properties.
Our colorful team is happy to help you; not only in Dutch, but also in Polish, English, Spanish, German and Afrikaans.

mr. Sylvia M. van Lenning

mr. Sylvia M. van Lenning

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“We find in Van Lenning notaries a good partner when it comes to drafting and modifying our founding statutes”

Vincent van Driel, chairman St. Vrienden van ZHGA